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*Financing is dependent on approval by one of E B WILLIAMS’s Financing Partners. Actual monthly payment will vary due to equipment chosen, term, and approved APR.

Easy Online Estimate packages are for one residential existing system replacement. Estimate includes: Equipment, Parts, Labor & Standard Installation of Equipment. A standard installation would be minimum modifications and installed in an unfinished basement. Our Comfort Adviser will confirm the sizing at your site survey and present you with your final quote at your scheduled appointment. Sometimes a high efficiency system cannot be installed to meet building code. In that situation, we will suggest a comparable mid efficiency system at scheduled appointment.
Mixing an old furnace with a new air conditioning or heat pump system with a SEER rating 15 and higher can decrease system performance. When you couple a new highly-efficient system with your older system, the components don't "match," and you won't be utilizing the new technology to its fullest. Consider replacing your old furnace as well to match the new technology. One of our Comfort Advisers can check your exciting system to see if it needs an upgrade at your scheduled visit.